Jun 20 • 11M

Investor vs. Broker Mindset #147

Reflecting on a few interesting reads and listens over the past week

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Sharing a few interesting reads and my reflections - focusing on personal development and investing.
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Episode Summary

In this episode, we’re talking about the broker vs investor mindset when buying assets, how it affects how one invests and the results they produce through changing economic cycles.

Perpetual Learning Minicast

Manjula and I are very excited to launch the Perpetual Learning Minicast where we aim to discuss topics shared on Perpetual Newsletter (a weekly newsletter focused on sharing interesting reads for 147 weeks and counting).

Manjula had come to me with the idea of creating a new medium for my audience to interact with my content. The thought of discussing the Perpetual Learning Newsletter and looking at the topics I share from a different perspective was very exciting.

We hope you enjoy the Minicast and would love to get some feedback as we iterate on this idea.

Quick Intro on Manjula

Manjula Selvarajah is a national columnist to CBC Radio’s 20-plus radio stations across the country. An occasional radio host for CBC’s Ontario morning shows, she is a frequent emcee and moderator, with repeat speaking appearances at Elevate, Mars Discovery District and Collision. Formerly, she was on the executive team of a now acquired Toronto-based startup and holds a degree in Engineering from Queen’s University. She is co‐founder of the non-profit Tamil Women Rising and sits on the board of Scientists in School

Following Manjula for a few years now, I’ve personally been very impressed by her ability to try and excel at new projects. Her story from working on the executive team for a well-known Toronto-based startup to building a very successful career in journalism is a personal inspiration. Check out more of her work by checking out her website or following her on Twitter.