Hey there!

Thanks for visiting my Substack site. I’m Suthen.

I am on the path of re-orienting my life around the things I enjoy doing.

My intentions:

  1. Learn how to build great companies

  2. Exploring the future of work - particularly the rise of no code tools

  3. Helping others understand how to gain financial independence

Recent accomplishments:

  • Joined GrowthGenius as an early employee - growing from 5 to 35 employees and $200k in MRR in less than 18 months

  • Made the jump from a strategy role at a large company (10,000+ employees) to an operations role within a team of five employees

  • Selected as one of 25 fellows in Ontario to research the future of work at MaRS Discovery District and present policy recommendations to the provincial government

I’m a huge basketball fan - fortunate enough to see the Raptors win the 2019 NBA Championship and get a job as a seat holder at the 2016 NBA All Star Game in Toronto (probably the best job I will ever have).

To learn more about me and the work I do, check out my personal site at suthensiva.com

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Suthen Siva

Avid learner | Operations at @growth_genius | @Schulichschool BBA | Strategy @Rogers and @Walmart